The Girl in the Book

Poster for The Girl in the Book

In Marya Cohn’s remarkable and ambitious directorial debut, Alice Harvey (portrayed by Emily VanCamp and as a 15-year-old by Ana Mulvoy-Ten) is a funny, smart and emotionally self-destructive 29-year-old assistant editor and aspiring writer. Climbing the ranks at her father’s notable publishing company in New York, she struggles to write her own story, forever stymied by memories of a youthful relationship with her dad’s older best friend, Milan (Mykel Nyqvist), who encouraged her creativity but also wheedled his way into her trust for questionable motives, ending in betrayal.

After 15 years, when Milan has become a best-selling author, their paths cross once again, forcing Alice to face difficult memories and make bold decisions. She ultimately overcomes her demons, allowing her to find love and rediscover her creative voice.

Director’s statement:

The Girl in the Book is a deeply personal story about a young woman who reclaims her body, her voice, and ultimately her power. At first, she must grapple with disturbing memories from her childhood and their profound residual effects on her adult life. But she is eventually able to overcome her past and take control of her future. I intend for her victorious spirit to offer hope to all those with troubled pasts who must rise above them to live fulfilling lives.”


The Girl in the Book is an auspicious debut for Cohn, a showcase for VanCamp’s true acting abilities, and a fascinating feminine story.” (Katie Walsh, The Playlist)

“As Alice, VanCamp is exceptional, eliciting our sympathy even when the character is making maddeningly self-destructive decisions.” (Stephanie Merry, Washington Post)

“Cohn displays deep sympathy with her protagonist’s intersecting emotional crises, scripting a narrative that’s intensely perceptive without becoming mired in mawkishness.” (Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter)